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Hidden Figures Backdrop Hidden Figures Poster

Tags: Biography, Drama, History

Rated PG 127 minutes

The story of a team of African-American women mathematicians who served a vital role in NASA during the early years of the US space program.

The Meaning of Life Backdrop The Meaning of Life Poster

Tags: Comedy, Fantasy, Musical

Rated R 107 minutes

The comedy team takes a look at life in all its stages in their own uniquely silly way.

Kubo and the Two Strings Backdrop Kubo and the Two Strings Poster

Tags: Animation, Adventure, Family

Rated PG 101 minutes

A young boy named Kubo must locate a magical suit of armor worn by his late father in order to defeat a vengeful spirit from the past.

Osmosis Jones Backdrop Osmosis Jones Poster

Tags: Animation, Action, Adventure

Rated PG 95 minutes

A policeman white blood cell, with the help of a cold pill, must stop a deadly virus from destroying the human they live in, Frank.

Moonlight Backdrop Moonlight Poster

Tags: Drama

Rated R 111 minutes

A chronicle of the childhood, adolescence and burgeoning adulthood of a young black man growing up in a rough neighborhood of Miami.

13 Assassins Backdrop 13 Assassins Poster

Tags: Action, Adventure, Drama

Rated R 141 minutes

A group of assassins come together for a suicide mission to kill an evil lord.

Split Backdrop Split Poster

Tags: Horror, Thriller

Rated PG-13 117 minutes

Three girls are kidnapped by a man with a diagnosed 23 distinct personalities, they must try to escape before the apparent emergence of a frightful new 24th.

A Clockwork Orange Backdrop A Clockwork Orange Poster

Tags: Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi

Rated R 136 minutes

In future Britain, Alex DeLarge, a charismatic and psycopath delinquent, who likes to practice crimes and ultra-violence with his gang, is jailed and volunteers for an experimental aversion therapy developed by the government in an effort to solve society's crime problem - but not all goes according to plan.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Backdrop Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Poster

Tags: Family, Fantasy, Musical

Rated G 100 minutes

Charlie receives a golden ticket to a factory, his sweet tooth wants going into the lushing candy, it turns out there's an adventure in everything.

LEGO Batman Backdrop LEGO Batman Poster

Tags: Animation, Action, Adventure

Rated PG 104 minutes

Bruce Wayne must not only deal with the criminals of Gotham City, but also the responsibility of raising a boy he adopted.

Logan Backdrop Logan Poster

Tags: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

Rated R 137 minutes

In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X somewhere on the Mexican border. However, Logan's attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are upended when a young mutant arrives, pursued by dark forces.