General UPAC Cinema Movie Policies

Friday-Sunday Films :
Pop Films sponsored by UPAC Cinema. They are held on the Swank website via linktree: All movies are FREE.
Sunday-Tuesday Films :
Older films that are often sponsored by clubs. They are held on the Swank website via linktree: All movies are FREE.
Midweek/Repertory Films are sponsored by UPAC Cinema. They are held on the Swank website via linktree: All movies are FREE.
Sneak Previews :
Sneak Previews are held on either Tuesday or Thursday. Passes can be obtained from the Union Admin Office.

For other information, please contact UPAC Cinema in Rensselaer Union Room 3802 or at 276-8585 or at

UPAC Cinema Sneak Preview Movie Policies

This is one of the more misunderstood things we do, and we constantly hear people complain about it to UPAC Cinema, but when we explain how things work, we still hear the same complaints from the same people. So pay attention! Movie studios like to get advanced word-of-mouth publicity for their movies, so they arrange to have free previews given. UPAC Cinema arranges with a company to bring a preview here to show to the RPI community. To make sure that we have a full theatre, we generally hand out more admission passes than we have physical seats. While this may seem a bad idea, the reality is offering all these passes ensures that DCC 308 will be full. Not everyone who receives a pass will be able to use it, and not everyone who is unable to use a pass hands it off to someone who can use the pass. Because we are offering more potential entries to DCC 308 than we have seats in DCC 308, each pass has printed on it the following: Seating is on a first come, first served basis and limited to theatre capacity. When you show up to a preview, you will be asked to exchange your pass for a ticket. We do this, so we know how many passes have been exchanged. It also helps us keep track of how many people are attending the preview. Plus, once you have a ticket, you're guarenteed a seat. We do not hand out more tickets than available seats. The order for seating people is as follows :
  1. People who have exchanged their passes for tickets get seated first.
  2. If all the tickets have been handed out and there are extra seats, they go to pass holders who have not exchanged passes for tickets.
  3. If all the pass holders have been admitted to the theatre and there are tickets left, then people who do not have passes will be admitted to the theatre.
Quite simply, a pass DOES NOT mean that you will get a seat (remember first come, first served?), but it DOES mean that you will be seated before those WITHOUT passes. We'd also appreciate it if you fill out a survey (when we have them). Why? Well, the preview company collects them, and based on the number of respondants and attendance we have at previews, we get a chance at hosting another preview. This has allowed us to host as many as 5 sneak previews in one semester. So just remember the above, and if you have any questions, ask any of the UPAC Cinema personnel at the movie, or send us an e-mail.